All under one roof: blasting, preserving and quality control

The steel constructions of drilling rigs and production platforms in the offshore sector are affected by corrosion and climate every day. Preparation and maintenance of these constructions is therefore very important.


With extensive expertise, Schavicast is a real specialist in the field. We have an extensive service package to optimally maintain, blast, preserve and inspect your constructions. We believe in good cooperation with our clients, and provide you with all the necessary service.


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  • Blasting +

    It is crucial to pre-treat steel structures before the preservation process begins. Schavicast masters all conceivable and desired techniques to implement this, either in our own workshop or on location.

  • Preservation +

    Our employees are trained internally and have excellent professional knowledge. One of their specialities is preservation. Following the blasting work, the layer structure is sprayed by means of airless spraying, HVLP and electrostatic wet coating. To ensure this is done in a sustainable manner, the application of three or four layers is customary. Naturally, we work according to the standards of the NORSOK or ISO system.

  • Quality control +

    Quality is largely about durability. We want our completed work to remain in optimal condition for as long as possible. We do this by applying strict environmental and safety standards and by having quality scores assigned by our NACE inspectors. Quality is therefore not just a guideline, but a demonstrable result.

  • Total package +

    Want to keep your offshore steel constructions in optimal condition? With Schavicast's total package, we provide you with all possible blasting and preservation activities.

  • All under one roof +

    With over 20 years of experience and a broad network, we are able to carry out a wide range of cleaning, paint and blasting activities for you. Because we believe truly good paint and blasting work can only be carried out by professionals, we do this with internally trained staff. Key to our way of working is ensuring that you have nothing to worry about. Main or side issue — Schavicast ensures that everything will be taken care of.

  • Sustainable partnership +

    We don't just consider you a customer, but also a partner. This view forms the basis of the many long-term relationships we have maintained with our clients - some for over 20 years. This not only allows for reliability and transparency, but it also means we are knowledgeable about your maritime, industrial and obsolete objects.

  • Transparency and quality control +

    Preventing a problem is better than addressing it. Prevention begins with our ensuring high quality. This quality is not only limited to the work provided, but also applies to a safe environment and environmentally friendly working methods. We like to be transparent about the quality of our work, and we ensure that it is carried out to the strictest standards. The quality inspections of our NACE inspectors guarantee this.

  • Speed and flexibility +

    In the fishing, offshore and maritime sectors, materials are constantly put to the test. Stagnation, however, is disastrous. This is why we are committed to serving you and setting your worries to rest as quickly as possible. We are available 24/7 and can start working for you immediately. Our work only ends once you are fully satisfied.